Bea Mira Garden & Nature Haven is a resort with swimming pools for adults and kids. The surroundings of the garden resort are different varieties of fruit bearing plants like Starapples, Chestnuts, Jackfruits, Taro, Coconuts and many more trees, farm crops and vegeatables.

Beamira's Garden & Nature Haven Resort is the first resort that is being constructed during early 1991 in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. During that time, the name of the resort is "Curva Antigua" since the path leading to the resort is curved and the water is being called "Antigo" by the Bulacaneos. Beamira's Garden and Nature Haven is being constructed together with a goal that is to bring individuals much closer to nature and relieve all problems away for a while during their stay inside the resort. The resort's owner si Mr. Mario Noylon Capili. Beamira is not just a resort. It also offers other services customers will love to. This is one majestic place for you to stay will your family, loved ones and friends.

So if you're looking for a resort that is comfortable and very affordable, come and spend your time to create precious moment here at BEAMIRA'S GARDEN AND NATURE HAVEN RESORT.